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Our manufacturing process includes mechanical design, tooling, injection molding, manufacture, assembly, packing, and distribution.

Our production lines are equipped with a full set of testing equipment and instruments.

We have our own quality manual in every department, like IQC, production line, packing area.

Most products are shipped directly overseas via the Xiamen Port located near our factory.



Equipment and facilities

* Sewing Machine x 400

*  Injection Machine x 50 (max one is 65 oz)

*  Carved Machine x 2

* SMT Machine x 2

*  Silk Screen Printer x 8

*  Tempo Printer x 12

•* Blister packing Machine x 5

* Reflow soldering Machine x 1

* Bolding Machine x 8

* Automatic Spraying Machine


Testing facilities

We have various test equipment and facilities in evaluating our product quality, like frequency testing machine, metal detection machine, carton transit testing, XRF machine for testing ROHS, Temperature and Humidity Storage Test, Transit Test, Tension Tester, Impact Test, Small Part cylinder, Sharp Edge Meter Torque Test, DB Sound Level Meter, Finger, and etc.


Risk Assessment system

* We have implemented internal risk assessment system in terms of worker life, product recall, quality consistent.

* We have an electrical wiring checking every month on dormitory, every week on production site.

* Fire drill practice will be activated every 3 months.

* All chemical used on site do have a completed list with MSDS document to be supported.


Factory Staff Benefits

 * We not only provide employees with good working environment, but also provide employees a comfortable living environment and abundant recreational activities.

* We provide dormitory, canteens, clinics, basketball court, library, parking area to our factory staff.



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